Once again, inequality is structural

  According to statistics, working age American women are more educated than ever before, yet, in this educated group , 'she' faces the biggest economic gender gap and 'he' doesn't have to think about 'who's going to watch the children if he has a late client meeting'. "Women don’t step back from work because they … Continue reading Once again, inequality is structural

Gender Parity — pertinent recommendations: yesterday, today and tomorrow

I'm quite stunned that I have not found and read this article much earlier. Shame on me! Well written, good recommendations and from a global perspective. Continue reading and learning  

The Skills Gap and Making It Work

From the CEO of Siemens, we see a twofold success story: how Siemens filled a skills gap in a Charlotte NC plant and the women who have led the company over the past few years. In an interview with Ben White of Politico. White: Siemens has had three female CEOs in the Americas in the … Continue reading The Skills Gap and Making It Work

To achieve more equity in the tech industry, we must reframe diversity

The Conversation: Economy + Business, March 14, 2018 There is a lot of fear among men in the tech industry about speaking out and trying to overcome declining female participation and sexual harassment, according to my ongoing research. Diversity in tech is a highly emotional, highly complex issue. My research suggests we need to reframe … Continue reading To achieve more equity in the tech industry, we must reframe diversity