The Skills Gap and Making It Work

From the CEO of Siemens, we see a twofold success story: how Siemens filled a skills gap in a Charlotte NC plant and the women who have led the company over the past few years. In an interview with Ben White of Politico.

White: Siemens has had three female CEOs in the Americas in the last few years, which is pretty remarkable. What has worked and what needs to be done to bring women into the workforce at a company like yours, and keep them?

Humpton: If we think about the traditional way women entered the workforce, there was that question, “Did you study the right things in college?” We’ve had lower enrollment rates in computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering among women. So, you might have thought, “Well, they’re not even qualified to enter this world.”

But in order for someone to manage a concern or a company, do they have to have come up through the ranks? Do they have to be able to lift a steel I-beam? I’d argue that there are a lot of jobs you have to be able to do yourself, but in order to become a leader in some of these organizations, maybe you didn’t have to be able to execute every physical skill ever required on the job.

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