A Pandemic and Women’s Role in Tech

After 15 years in the tech industry, I think little has changed in attitudes and perceptions and I left the industry 15 years ago. So how are we doing?

Each year TrustRadius publishes an annual report. I checked out the website–it has the ‘Good Housekeeping’ seal of approval! In the report, you will find a slide deck of the findings: facts and free for your use. Share it with everyone who can read and will listen.

Some facts we knew or certainly could have guessed: The year of the Pandemic severely impacted women. Spelled out in the report, burnout sits high on the list. 57% lay the blame at the feet of the Pandemic. I suggest it is more complex than ‘the pandemic’ but we could argue this on another day.

Another ‘not a surprise‘: The Bro culture is strong; women still struggle to change the male view of our competency and our intellect.

More: not a surprise: Men outnumber women in the industry. Yes, often I would be in a division meeting with 30 men and three women. The fallacy? Women don’t like to program, consequently we don’t seek work in the industry. This a complex cultural assumption that requires hours of study to debunk.

Now, I sit on the peripheral of the tech world, the only change I see: a global pandemic has gripped us. Otherwise life is still much the same. Oh yes, the worst of social media has gripped us. The good of social media gets far too little press. Sad, but true.

9 Takeaways from the Women in Tech Report.

 COVID-19 severely impacted women in tech

 Women in tech carry even more household work now

 Women in tech are divided on the impact of remote work

 “Bro culture” is still pervasive according to women in tech

 Women are still outnumbered in the tech industry

 Women in tech have to work harder to prove their worth

 Women face more barriers to promotion in tech

 Gender equality hasn’t changed over the past year

 Companies should do 5 things to support women in tech

Take a look at the full report and share it where possible.


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