As researchers we are intrigued by the recent data that reveals women in computing fields are leaving well-paying jobs in unprecedented numbers. This phenomenon is of particular concern given large-scale efforts have been made by industry, non-profit organizations and educators to train and recruit women and people of color for technology careers.

As men currently represent the greater majority of engineering organizations, we need to better understand their experience and the environment as they see it. Consequently, we have designed a data-gathering project to gather insights from male engineers. Their candid viewpoint and attitudes are critical before human resource personnel or external interventionists can make constructive and beneficial recommendations on how to better retain female engineers. We would, however, also like to have women engineers who work in the same organization participate as well if they desire.

We believe our study will reveal and clarify themes around gender imbalance and employee retention as seen by male engineers. We will analyze and identify thematic learnings in a final report. Results will not be generalizable data and cannot be analyzed to be statistically relevant.

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