Women in Stem from the ‘See Jane’ Series

If you are not reading the ‘See Jane Series’ I hope this post will introduce you to the Genna Davis Institute on Gender in the Media.

Here is a teaser to this article By: Mary Ellen Holden

On this International Women’s Day, we spotlight Hannah Young, a seasoned diplomat with the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office who currently is the Deputy Consul General at the British Consulate General New York. Hannah is a proven leader, driving progress and stemming the gap in all areas of life where women and girls are marginalized, stereotyped and/or underrepresented. As a decision-maker and a mother, she is determined to forge a gender-equal world.

During the pandemic, under Hannah’s direction, the British Consulate green-lit a collaboration with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media to assess the depiction of STEM television characters based on gender identity in UK family television. The study, entitled Closing the STEM Gender Gap: A Study of Gender & STEM Representations in UK Family Television, was the first of its kind. Hannah explained that “Over the years, the Consulate in New York developed a program called STEM the GAP which focuses on economic equality within technology. I wanted this initiative to be at the forefront of our New York efforts.” The findings, which include a comparison with the US, establish a foundation for improving female STEM representation globally. The Consulate also commissioned a Toolkit for Content Creators to help them navigate this journey.

For the Full Article https://seejane.org/spotlight/closing-the-stem-gender-gap-across-borders/

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