A different kind of virus: Imbalance in Science

In the 27 October 2020 issue of STAT, journalist Shraddar Chakaadar highlights a problem that confronts women scientists often -- even if she, Akiko Iwasaki is the principal investigator of a major university laboratory (Yale University). "To know Iwasaki is to know that she is passionate about combatting sexism, power imbalances, and toxic behavior in … Continue reading A different kind of virus: Imbalance in Science

Implicit Bias in Science Explained

    "Implicit biases are associations that get activated automatically in our minds and can lead us to discriminate against people we subconsciously associate with negative traits (like aggressiveness or laziness) even though we have no conscious intention to do so." VOX. Sigal SamuelAug 28, 2019, 8:30am EDT This is well-worth a read and has … Continue reading Implicit Bias in Science Explained