We coach and guide companies and non-profit organizations who see gender balance as a fundamental component of their financial strategy, their mission and their vision.  We’ve done our research in this challenging domain; now let us help your company/organization navigate the rocks-in-the-road to inclusion. Contact us for more information.

We ground our work in solid research gathering quantitative and qualitative data from your organization – from your data, the most effective practices will emerge.  We will work with you to choose the strategies and tools best suited for your organization.

We work without preconceived interventions or training — we listen and help you clarify your issues; we listen to your insights. We help you connect your insights with your planning, your tasks and your work at hand. We coach; we don’t dictate.

We work to identify potential and problematic disconnects around gender equity within your employee base: don’t wait for a meltdown.

We work to circumvent push-back and backlash to your strategy of gender equity:  get to know your organization’s culture — get in front of the possibility and probability of problems.

Diversity strategies still in flux? Out-of-the-box implementation not your approach? It isn’t ours either as we know each organization is unique and has its own passionate enthusiasm.  Is your company small to mid-size?  Do you recognize that effective diversity is economically smart?  We want to work with you.

We coach and guide those who see gender balance as a fundamental component of their strategy,   If you view gender balance and inclusion as important, as strategically and economically smart, we want to partner with you.

Roanoke Research guides strategic planning for gender balancing from the get-go in small and medium-size companies.  Contact us for more information. 

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