Personalities, Process & Productivity: Rules of a Meeting

  The rules of the game (meetings) are laid out well in this article and are some we should attempt. However, after living through 20 years of meetings -- some productive, some boring and some probably unnecessary -- we know these are not easy rules to enforce. But they are necessary if we are to … Continue reading Personalities, Process & Productivity: Rules of a Meeting

Once again, inequality is structural

  According to statistics, working age American women are more educated than ever before, yet, in this educated group , 'she' faces the biggest economic gender gap and 'he' doesn't have to think about 'who's going to watch the children if he has a late client meeting'. "Women don’t step back from work because they … Continue reading Once again, inequality is structural

Implicit Bias in Science Explained

    "Implicit biases are associations that get activated automatically in our minds and can lead us to discriminate against people we subconsciously associate with negative traits (like aggressiveness or laziness) even though we have no conscious intention to do so." VOX. Sigal SamuelAug 28, 2019, 8:30am EDT This is well-worth a read and has … Continue reading Implicit Bias in Science Explained

A Documentary coming to your screens – July 22nd

This is a tidbit about inclusion within the entertainment industry. The documentary, This Changes Everything, is being shown in theaters across the country for one night only. As exclusion is linked and perpetuated across all industries and all walks of life, ithe documentary should prod our thinking and our assessments of how inclusion would change … Continue reading A Documentary coming to your screens – July 22nd