Stereotype Threat: Penalized for promoting and encouraging talented women

A 2018 article in the respected Harvard Business Review addresses a second level stumbling block in the way of successful women in the corporate world — that of stereotype threat.

Women supporting diversity

Without using that label, Anne McNulty describes the subtle but real punishment meted out when women try to assist women who are bright and merit valuable projects, team leadership or promotions to the executive suites.  She describes the phenomenon successful women often fail to recognize and fall victim to — fear of being recognized not for their success but fear of their success credited to their gender. Consequently, they often don’t encourage other women.

Anne Welsh McNulty is the co-founder and managing partner of JBK Partners, with businesses including investment management and a private philanthropy, the McNulty Foundation, which focuses on leadership development and social change. Previously, Anne was a Managing Director of Goldman Sachs and a senior executive of the Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Strategies Group.

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