‘The List’: where ridicule and pain begin

In 2018, the media highly publicized the ‘bro culture’ of Silicon Valley — male dominated and sexualized.

Today, we read about the boorish and uncouth behavior of  young males in a Maryland high school  creating a toxic environment for female students and the reaction of 40 senior girls who bravely speak out and push back  — with success. 

Principal, Donna Redmond Jones said an investigation revealed the list was made during school hours, and that “there was definitely discipline applied.” Unsatisfied with the punishment,  the girls gathered in the Jones’ office to explain.

Photo credit GMA.com


The Bethesda-Chevy Chase students are planning a day next month in which pairs of students — one senior girl and one senior boy — will go to the younger students’ classes to talk about toxic masculinity, said Gabriella Capizzi, one of the senior girls taking the lead on the campaign.”

Toxic masculinity called out

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