The Politics of 2020 and the Politics of Women of Color

Do women vote as a monolithic group? Hardly and women of color will vote around issues that affect them generally as a community:  Candidates must address specifically and convincingly the ways issues like criminal justice reform, immigration, pay inequality, voting rights, and police violence affect black, Asian, Latina, and Native women, and other groups. But candidates must be open to learning about new issues directly from affected communities.

The post today written by P.R.Lockhart for VOX addresses what women of color want to tell their candidates. How racism and the public resurgence of white supremacy are affecting their lives and their communities. Candidates best talk to these issues.

“Women of color, like other groups, also deeply care about things like access to quality health care, education, the environment, and the economy, but the important thing here is that women of color say they experience these issues differently due to the oftentimes unique ways these issues affect their communities”.

“Women of color want to know that at the end of the day, when you’re behind that desk, you’re going to make decisions that will benefit them and their families, just like any voter would,”

Lip Service from candidates won’t ‘do it’ in 2020

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