After a pandemic: Women in Leadership Roles

The Guardian today (13 July) highlighted Julia Guillard’s retroactive look at her time as PM of Australia.

Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard spoke ahead of the launch of a book she has co-authored – Women and Leadership, Real Lives, Real Lessons – to be launched in Australia on Monday. Photograph: The Guardian

Her insights are ‘in hindsight’ but in the position as PM, these were turbulent times and the media hounded the former PM Guilliard as we had never seen before. Many opined crude and rude comments — online and in print.  Her politics seemed to have little to do with much of the commentary — but her gender did.  We recall one commentary from a Queensland politician — PM Guillard’s hip size seemed to fascinate him.  Ah, but we digress. Here is the link to her comments at the launching of Women and Leadership, Real Lives, Real Lessons.

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