Google in the (unfavorable) news yet once again

Punishment seems to be the order of the day at Google — rather than searching for the root cause of discontent. Or perhaps Google is fully aware of the root cause? Punishment, read that as creating ‘fear’  is intended to keep employees in line.  My question. Who is doing the punishing? Direct managers? HR? Senior managers? Wouldn’t searching for the root cause and addressing it be wiser?

When you read the article in today’s New York Times (4/22/19) do you link bad press back to ’employee trouble makers’ or see the link back to excessive exit packages where the company finds sexual harassment charges credible.  Is there a sexual harassment problem at Google?

(From an earlier article in the New York Times, Oct 25, 2018)

“Last October, The Times reported that Google had provided a $90 million exit package to Andy Rubin, the creator of the Android mobile operating system, after an accusation of sexual harassment against him was found to be credible. The lavish payment following the misconduct outraged Google’s employees”.

“Google could have fired Mr. Rubin and paid him little to nothing on the way out. Instead, the company handed him a $90 million exit package, paid in installments of about $2 million a month for four years, said two people with knowledge of the terms. The last payment is scheduled for next month”.

“The New York Times story contains numerous inaccuracies about my employment at Google and wild exaggerations about my compensation,” Mr. Rubin said in a statement after the publication of this article”.

Read more: follow the link to the article



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