How the World Excludes Girls & Women — it’s Shocking

This article is much needed — share it with every girl and woman you know who will/would care.

As I continued reading the article, my level of shock elevated again and again.  We have been overlooked and excluded time after time and as the journalist points out — not necessarily intentionally. We just don’t come to mind. In the world of cognitive science, this is called confirmation bias.  We intentionally or unintentionally eliminate those who do not look/act/talk or feel like us.

We women do not ‘look’ or ‘fit’ what/who the world is accustomed to or expects to see — in many different roles.  The article is a bit long, but for you who love sports, keep at it. The segment of an interaction between nine-year old athlete, Riley and the Golden State Warriors basketball star, Stephen Curry is a charming reminder to the manufacturer. On its website, Under Armor labels small size ‘Curry 5’ as ‘Boys’ shoes. Riley is a smart marketer — she goes right to the heart of Curry — he has two daughters and he hosts a basketball camp for girls.

I think surprise is in store as you read about ways in which the space program, the military, manufacturers of crash car dummies and office furniture overlook us and put us in harms way.

Would love to read your comments about these revelations!

BBC tells it as it is!

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