‘$5 Million donated to men’ headline gave me a jolt — but only at first glance

Men supporting diversity


From a BCG 2016 study, diverse teams bring diverse perspectives to a company, improving both problem solving and resiliency and making the organization more innovative and adaptable to change.

From our research, this finding qualifies as a ‘good to have, but difficult to implement’. From the popular press throughout 2018, we saw that within certain industries the ‘needle’ did not move — the stats of diversity were stagnant remaining at levels of 2015-16. This is not to say that companies and organizations failed. They tried, but this needle is difficult to move because of the overall global cultural stereotypes — particularly around gender and color. The problem that most companies encountered was how and with what methods did they try to implement change. A ‘sound-byte’ response or one-size-fits-all training is likely to encounter push-back, even downright hostility.

If you wish to bone up on the topic, read again my article from May 2018 Achieving Equity

Back to Chevron: “The oil and gas industry’s poor reputation as a place for women to establish and advance their career contributes to its gender gap. Women surveyed complained that they lacked awareness of opportunities, sponsorship and support from senior leaders.”  (Forbes, February 26, 2019)

Chevron donated $5 million to the MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) program of non profit, Catalyst. Chevron and Catalyst have partnered for 20 years. With this generous donation, we can expect to see changes in the methodologies used as Catalyst confirms ‘what works’ and ‘what doesn’t’.  We, at Roanoke Research believe that the culture of each organization is unique and the Catalyst MARC program will have to accommodate to and learn from each culture.

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