Science loses a hero to COVID 19

Today, in The Scientist, we read of the death of biologist Lynika Strozier from complications of COVID 19. Ms. Strozier was 35 and was a biologist at Field Museum in Chicago. Such a loss to the scientific community,

Ms. Strozier worked there as a research assistant in the Pritzker DNA Lab and worked on a 2012 publication describing a new species of liverwort — a non-flowering plant species. While we know absolutely zip about this scientific field, Ms. Strozier overcame a learning disability diagnosed at age eight and went on to earn accolades from colleagues. They describe her here:

“Lynika had hands of gold!” writes Von Konrat. “Our entire team entrusted Lynika with extracting DNA from old dried plant material of over 15 years and only very little material from which to do so.” 

The pandemic knows no obstacles and crosses all boundaries or walls — real or imagined.–2cH-NVeZyeY-Je5yY2_sFXa4eI4VKKn6DBtCQPKACzeNKwQ8D8txZoe1SyGQa5i4O1nI2Ewws1CjQ9L3g499IYbFkEQ&utm_content=90053245&utm_source=hs_email


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