Need Financial Backing For Your Idea, Your Product, Your Startup?


Our post today looks at success stories for women-led startups and funding provided by female venture capitalists who consider access to capital for women entrepreneurs with smart ideas and products. 

Able Partners fund was started three years ago by Lisa Blau and Amanda Eilian and has been an early-stage investor in a number of female-founded companies. The question remains: What would VC-funded industries look like if more women controlled the money?  Last year, in a country (U.S.) that invests $130 billion in venture money, women founded companies received only 2.2 percent of that venture money.

In January, I spoke with Carla Harris, VP of mergers and acquisitions of Morgan Stanley and the director of their accelerator lab. She spoke of the often-told myth, of the lack of female and people of color founders. ‘It is a myth’ said Ms. Harris. The accelerator lab takes a number of these under its wing and provides the support that a young company or start up needs. (read our December 22, 2018 post about the Morgan Stanley lab.)

The post from the New York Times highlights not only obstacles of seeking funding but the differences in presenting to a women-led  VC. Some differences are not surprising but the food seems much better!

Continue reading: When Women Control the Money


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