Learning from the past: Lou Gerstner, IBM, a people story

If you are reading our posts this week, you grasp that we are finding jewels in the Harvard Business Review.  Articles are often long; we are all quite busy, so chunk it. Read it in chunks — it is written so you can do that. This is the IBM story and from a CEO who was willing to shake things up in 1993!

Throughout are sprinkled terrific ‘how to’s’ that Gerstner and his executive staff implemented to meet the goal of diversity — a business strategy. They were ahead of most of us — thinking into the future.

“But diversity at IBM is about more than expanding the talent pool. When I asked Gerstner what had driven the success of the task forces, he said, “We made diversity a market-based issue.…It’s about understanding our markets, which are diverse and multicultural.””

The IBM road to diversity


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