Getting middle-schooler girls right — the full range of teen girldom

From the Hulu series “Pen15”

Perhaps too often girls are left vulnerable because we are not taught about our sexuality at an early age. . The age and the girl’s maturity will be different for each, but awareness and education combined may be a girl’s best prevention for sexual assault.  Yet our sexuality is a taboo subject viewed in some quarters, as permissive, promiscuous, dirty or deviant — a ‘no-no’ stricken from the culture.  For the young girl, sex may be simultaneously shameful and titillating — how to deal with these feelings? Our post is written for the NYT Lily Lines by Melissa Batchelor Warnke.

CAVEAT: we have yet to see this Hulu series, but it may be an answer in dealing with these young feelings.  “The series’s direct representation of sexual situations is a critical piece of that achievement”.Pen15,” a comedic look provides an honest look into the lives of middle school girls in 2000.

“Pen15”. . . continue reading


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