A Dilemma for Many: Steve James (filmmaker) talks about Race

While this post may seem a bit out of place among our topics, we think it addresses a pertinent issue: how a white person talks about the experience of people of color.  With difficulty and sensitivity. For guidance we look to the experience of a celebrated filmmaker.

Steve James known for his movies — “two of which have been nominated for Oscars, Hoop Dreams in 1995 and Abacus: Small Enough to Jail in 2018 — are notable for their empathetic and intimate portraits that often highlight the complex ways race and class intersect in America.”

In the latest project in the “genre”, James, one of America’s most prominent and respected documentarians, goes to high school to think about America in 2018. (America to Me, a 10-part Starz series). 

READER ALERT: This is a lengthy post but deserving of a read. We finished on a high note as James describes the current high school generation, their seriousness and their take on America today in 2018.  It is a perfect read as you recover from overeating this holiday season!

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